Vets know about health concerns specific to Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers, so they can tailor a preventive health plan for your dog and prevent some predictable risks. Find vet that suits best for you and your dog, visit him for regular check-ups, look for advice and take good care of your dogs health.

Hygiene habits

Brushing teeth

It is very important to maintain teeth hygiene with dogs to keep the teeth healthy and functional longer. Fresh meat diet and occasional smaller bones (or a bigger bone for nibbling) will decrease creating teeth plaque and bad breath. Besides, there are toothbrushes and toothpastes made especially for dogs and you need to brush their teeth at least twice a week. I brush Ziva’s teeth with the combination of bicarbonate soda and coconut oil. It’s ecological, doesn’t have parabea or sulphats and very efficient for cleaning.

Cleaning paws and chin coat

Wheaten terriers have long chin coat and long leg coat and you need to maintain it regularly. After a meal, if it is moist food, you need to wipe the chin or wash it with warm water. After long walks you need to clean the paws (especially in winter periods when roads are full of salt and other ice and snow melting products). You need to check the space between the paws for twigs or ticks, because they can get there and make a problem. Besides that, you need to cut the hair between the paws to enable free walking, but making sure it is not too short because the hair protects the delicate paws when walking.

Grooming claws

If you are not skilled in grooming claws, leave it to the vet or (only) an experienced groomer.

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