The name Ziva means Light - the one that makes the way illuminated. And indeed it is - it is our light, it is our roadmap, it leads us into an unknown one and makes life worth living.

Her love, her envy overwhelmed not only us but also all she touches because her life motive is simple: she lives today as if it was the only day.

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We realized quite early that Ziva changes everything she touches, she has a strong terrier character, but also a great amount of love and patience for people.

We tried hard to develop her doggy traits to the maximum: sniffing, digging, crawling into holes, stalking and hunting….we also worked on socialization, spending time with different people and children.

We  are quite proud of Ziva’s relationship with people, especially children – it’s a quality she transferred to her babies, and we designed special methods of socialization for the puppies from our litter A, who are not just well adapted to life with their new families, but also have  quality foundations for entering training process for a dog in therapy and helping people or children.

Wheaten Terriers have always been with people and their sensibility to people’s needs is natural and innate. Our Ziva is additionally sensible to emotions people have and can very distinctly differentiate between different states people are in. all of Ziva’s babies have been prepared in such a way in the litter.

This natural sensibility in Ziva, as well as the circumstances, impelled me to have Ziva help me in work when I work with people and children. With her character and sensibility Ziva best suits children and low energy people (as are the elderly, people in a state of loss, depressive people).

Baby Ziva
Teen Days
Lady Ziva


Ziva is a strong strong bitch, obedient but with attitude. She likes to work, research, exercise more than go to shows. But every time she is in the ring she has top results:

  • 5xBOB
  • 1xBOS
  • Junior best of bread,
    Zagreb Junior Winer.

She is: CH Bosnia and Herzegovina and CH Serbia.

She is also a certified therapy dog.

CACIB Zagreb (HR), November 2015
Junior class: CAC, PRM, Best Junior, BOS

“Harmonious and feminine, great size, beautiful head, black eyes, long neck and dorsal line, strong bones, good legs, slightly weaker loins, developed thigh muscles, good hips, coat in development – good for age, a little more ring training.”

Branislav Rajić (SI)


Open class: excellent, CAC, BOB:
CAC BIH Prijedor (BiH), June 2016

“Well shaped head, scissor tooth, good pigmentation, strong enough back and dorsal line, well worn small tail, gentle temperament.”

Jadranka Smojver Selimović (HR)


Open class: excellent, CAC, BOB, BOG 3
CAC VITEZ BIH (BA), May 2016.

“Complete and solid teeth, beautiful head lines, good pigmentation, black eyes, strong body, straight backline, correct posture, good movement, good angles.”

Mirko Čolak (BA)


CAC BiH Laktaši (BA), March, 2016
Open class: excellent, CAC, BOB

“Compact, solid, strong, head of typical expression, toothed correctly, good lines, Body strong, front extremities well angled, rear and extremities with no more open attitude, coat quality and flatness very good.”

Radovan Mazalica (BA)


Therapy Dog

The Reading Education Assistance Dogs® program improves children’s reading and communication skills by employing a powerful method: reading to a dog. But not just any dog. R.E.A.D. dogs are registered therapy animals who volunteer with their handler as a team, going to schools, libraries, and many other settings as reading companions for children.


X-rays of hips and elbows to confirm: HD-A EB-0.

Eyes test: RD/PRA/HC: eyes checked and clear/free

DNA test: DONE.

Hereditary diseases

  • Nephropathy with the loss of proteins (PLN): N/N (free – no carrier)
  • Degenerative myelopathy / degenerative radiculomyelopathy DM (Exon 2): N/N (free – no carrier)
  • Malignant hyperthermia (MH): N/N (free – no carrier)

Inherited traits dogs
Coat colours and quality:

  • A LOCUS (BLACK & TAN): AY/AY (free – no carrier).
  • B LOCUS (BROWN NOSE): B/B (free – no carrier).
  • Furnishings (RSPO2): F/F (free – no carrier).

More in the Pedigree Report

Hereditary diseases

DNA, Hips / Elbows

Inherited traits


& News

2015 - Our first dog Ziva had her first competition in 2015. in Zagreb Croatia; 2016 - We registered first Wheaten Kennel in Bosnia&Herzegovina; 2017 - Ziva had her 10 babies in 2017. and that was first registered Wheaten litter in B&H; 2017 – October - Ziva officially became a first therapy dog in B&H.

CACIB Bled 2019
CACIB Bled 2019

Such a wonderful stay at Bled. We were at CACIB Bled 2019. CACIB BLED I – SOVENIA Champion class: Belka – Arina Vanna of Ziva’s Wheaten Home – exe1, CAC, CACIB, BEST FEMALE, BOS Athos – Athos of Ziva’s Wheaten Home – exe1, CAC, r.CACIB and NEW SLOVENIAN CHAMPION with only 2,5 years. Jugde: Oliver Simon Today thanks a lot…

Our first European Dog Show
Our first European Dog Show

I was feeling so happy at our first euro dog show. We were at Wels. I was very proud of my little team – in very strong open class bouth – Excellent and Athos Exe 3.European Dog Show 2019 was great. Athos – exel. r. CACABelka – Excellent 3.But my favorite was my Belka – she was absolutely gorgeous. I’m…

Maribor and Pohorje CACIB 2019
Maribor and Pohorje CACIB 2019

Feeling fantastic at Maribor. Maribor and Pohorje CACIB 2019 and Club Show for Terriers was wonderful. Atos won 3x CAC 1x RCACIB 1x CACIB and a fantastic end of the weekend he won the BOB Arina Vanna won 3x Exellent 2xRCAC 2x RCACIB Thanks to Marian Draganescu (RO), Csaba Denk (HU) for very correct judging and especially Siv Jernhake (SE)…

Vrbas Spring Terierr show in Banja Luka
Vrbas Spring Terierr show in Banja Luka

Proud to be part of Vrbas Spring Terierr show organization (23. & 24.03. 2019), especially for workshop with Juraj Sokolic. Thanks to everyone who was part of workshop & to those who were with me and understood what I’m doing. I believe that the next time will be even better. This was a great magical story about dogs and our…

Athos and Arina Vanna in Graz
Athos and Arina Vanna in Graz

We’ve been to Graz at Messe Congress Graz. I’m so proud of my babies. Athos of Ziva’s Wheaten Home: ex1. CACA, CACIB, BOB Arina Vanna of Ziva’s Wheaten Home:ex1. CACA, CACIB, BOS Fantastic description under honorable jugde: Bojan Matakovic. Thanks to my Una, and fantastic day with old and new friends. Grooming again by my dear Suzana Verstovšek – thanks…