Litter A

Litter A was born on 14 January 2017. The birth started at 4 am and finished at 6 pm. 10 healthy babies were born. The babies weighed from 180 to 250 grams. All babies were immediately vital and their first meal went well. 

Mom Ziva was very brave. Though this was the first time she gave birth, she guided us through very well and with great motherly instinct, and she knew what to do at any moment. Attending Ziva’s giving birth was one of the most amazing situations I have been in. Ziva’s courage, calmness and instinct guided us the whole time. The vet Đorđe Savić, PhD, attended the birth. He supervised the birth and checked the vitality of each puppy.  

DAD Braxton

The Dad of our ‘litter A’ is a wonderful six-year-old male Braxton (Braxton Of Allstarman`s Clan) who lives in Novo Mesto in Slovenia with his friend Mrs Janja Beg (Pasarna Novo Mesto). Braxton was born in Germany and both of his parents come from Sweden. 

Braxton is a wheaten terrier of a wonderful temper, very devoted to his owner but also very interested in the people around him. He is a loving dog and loves to socialize with people, especially if he is the center of attention. All tameness aside, he is a strong male, with strong structure and very stable and calm temper. 


Braxton also did the tests as Ziva – so puppies from our litter A can be a hundred percent sure that they don’t carry any genes for hereditary diseases their parents have been tested for. 

  • Hips:
    HD: A; 
  • Malignant hyperthermia (MH):
  • Degenerative myelopathy (DM):
  • Protein Losing Nephropathy (PLN):
  • Cout:
    Locus A: Ay / Ay;
    Locus B: B/B.

Beauty championships

Dad Braxton is a true beauty and he would always get great marks, which his championships show. 

  • Jch Slo; Jch Cro; Jch Srb; Ch Slo; Ch Cro; Club Winner SKT 
  • Top 10 Slo Terrier for 2012: 3 place 
  • Top 10 Slo Terrier for 2011: 3 place
  • 33 x CAC; 
  • 20 x CACIB; 
  • 27 x Best of breed; 
  • 1x Best of group 3 

Growing and developing at Mom Ziva

The complete development of all 10 babies went without problems. All babies are alive and well. 10 days old they crawled out of the helping box, day 15 they started opening their eyes and by the day 17 they could all see. Although Ziva breast fed them all the time,  at 18 days old they got their first additional meal, or not a mom-meal. Of course, it was a try and easy getting used to it, but by the day 25 they all knew how to eat and had one additional meal a day

The only baby that had some difficulties is Axentie who didn’t gain enough weight the first few days, but day 15 he began gaining weight normally and he caught up with his brothers and sisters – now he is growing into a beautiful male. It is important to emphasize that Axentie, even when he didn’t gain enough, ate mom’s milk and additional meal quite regularly and always fought to be first to eat. 

Besides the physical, the attention was paid to the development of socialization and mental stability of puppies. So, we strived that after the day 15 a lot of children and people of different profiles and sensibility come to our house. In three months, the babies met around a hundred people, they got used to the noise of home appliances, driving in a car, conversations of different intonations and outside conditions and noise. 

After the second polyvalent vaccine they went out, on a grass surface and met one of the bigger dogs (Newfoundler). Since then and all the way till they go to their new homes, the babies have been spending 6 to 8 hours a day outside, depending on the weather conditions. 

All puppies are accustomed to bathing, haircutting, combing. And also they are used to standing still on a table and being calm (occasionally going well, on other times not so well). 

Health treatment of the babies in the litter

Healt tretment Name Date Note
Cleaning of internal parasites Banminth zoetis 
06.02.2017 16.02.2017 16.03.2017 10.04.2017 By one year of age continues every month or two
polyvalent vaccine Vanguard plus  Leptoferm  01.03.2017 22.03.2017 22.04.2017 Were received 3 polyvalent vaccines. Revaccination as instructed veterinarians
The vaccine against rabies NOBIVAC RABIES A217AO5 14.04.2017 Revaccination as instructed veterinarians
Protection against external parasites FRONTLINE COMBO 24.93.2017 24.04.2017 continue as directed by the veterinarian