Our Mission

For years I’ve been trying to understand different philosophies, to learn, to observe and listen, and then a wheaten imp opens my eyes and shows me all the simplicity of the world. And just when I thought I’ve learned it all, 10 little wheaten teachers come and say, ‘Ok, everything from the beginning.’

When you see a few hours old baby, which cannot even see and barely moves, heading towards life with so much energy and giving itself to you without reserves, you realize the only sense is in complete trust and surrender. Only thus can you feel the being across to you, only thus can you rejoice life and only thus can you understand life.

Their eyes look at you curiously and say, ‘Yes, I trust you, I trust you won’t hurt me, I trust you will love me, I trust you’ll keep me safe, I trust because I believe,’ and they disarm you and make you resolve all your fears, shortcomings and dilemmas, leave them far behind you and surrender, first to yourself and then to everything around you.

Dogs are noble beings with distinct emotions which we, people, have a hard time understanding and feeling. They have emotional abilities far more developed than ours and that’s why we are often afraid of them, we fear they’re going to reveal our fears, our problems, our secrets, who we like or dislike; we’re afraid of our ‘bad side’ and they say, ‘It’s Ok to be bad, just don’t be bad to the core, it’s the right time to be good and your own’….. Some people manage that, most don’t…But even with them, this beautiful creature licks their hand, sheek, vawes their tail and does everything to be their friend….

Every day is a new lesson and while we’re trying to imress the world, we lose ourselves in the sea of information, demands, claims and various trends and we forget that those little black eyes are still watching us and waving their tails with a single message,

‘Love yourself the way I love you!’

Sonja Stančić