Our History

11.09.2014 – ZIVA has come to our lives. It was a very turbulent time for us – but she changed the focus. all after that magic.

In November 2015 – Ziva went to her first competition. We did not know anything about it. We had a wonderful judge who ran us through the whole process and Ziva got excellent grades.

In November 2016- a registered kennel- the first in Bosnia and Herzegovina that is engaged in breeding wheaten terrier. At that point, Ziva was the only wheaten terrier in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ziva Wheaten Kennel has been registered in December 2016.  We are registered at The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) and KsuBiH under number 28/16.

In January 2017, Ziva became a mother and she was the first litter but also the first registered wheaten litter in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the FCI pedigree.

In July 2017, Athos and Arina Vanna were at the dog show for the first time in Sarajevo with only 6 months of age and Athos was a baby club winner and baby bob.

2017 – Ziva – first therapy dog

In November 2017, “my baby” Arina Vanna, Belka and Athos aka King for the first time on the exhibition outside the borders of Bosna and Herzegovina – a great competition in Zagreb (Croatia) and achieved a fantastic result. After that, they became a real small star show in Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Austria and, of course, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Starting in July 2017, we started with obedience training and advanced socialization. We also run these trainings in Maribor (Slovenia).

Since March 2018 we have extended our kennel to another location – a large estate on the Ozren Mountain where it had over 12000m2 of space divided into several units that enable us to work with dogs.