Ziva’s Wheaten Home Kennel

The idea of a kennel was formed in 2014 when Ziva came to our home (officially Casy), and we registered in November 2016.

Our goal is not, nor it will ever be, breeding for commercial purposes. We want to promote the health and quality of softcoated wheaten terrier, and to develop a model of early dog socialization.

The abilities and qualitites of wheaten terriers aren’t nearly enough studied or applied, so we want to work on the development of their psychological and mental capacities with the special emphasis on training helping dogs for processes in helping professions (psychology, pedagogy, special education, social work etc.).

We insist that all dogs from our kennel or those that come to our kennel must have all the necessary health and genetic tests done related to the wheaten terrier, and special attention is paid to a healthy and balanced diet, physical activity with development improving games and interactive and multi developing socialization.

We are a small kennel aimed at not commercially breeding ISCWT, but with the great desire that our dogs are working dogs (therapeutic dogs, dog socializers, rescue dogs, dog hunters).

We believe in devoted work and love – we believe that our journey will be the path of all our owners and friends who are with us.

We are located in Banja Luka – Bosnia and Herzegovina (the Balkans) – south-east Europe

This web site has been presented to all lovers of wheaten terriers and for our owners, and our goal is to learn more about these dogs in this place. I hope that the site will grow with the theme and information in time and that more information on wheaten realms will be available at the site.