Our mission and philosophy is non-commercial breeding of soft coated wheaten terriers based on careful selection, based on scientific achievements - the quality of physical and mental health is the first place. For now, there are no available wheaten babies; for information on the next litter please contact us.


Ziva changes everything she touches, she has a strong terrier character, but also a great amount of love and patience for people.


Athos – is our king. He is born as the biggest in the litter but also the most gentle. When he was little, he was mostly sleeping and was eating.

Arina Vanna

The first born puppy from our litter A. She is born at 4 am and she is the first baby of ours. The goddess of peace, full of mercy.


& Family

The Wheaten was bred in Ireland for over two hundred years to be an all-purpose farm dog whose duties included herding, watching and guarding livestock. In Ireland, they were commonly referred to as the "Poor Man's Wolfhound"

They are recognized as a breed in Ireland by the Irish Kennel Club – Wheaten is a dog who is always with a man and he had role of a keeper of the farm and the small animal hunter, and a hunter dog as well (in Ireland he had a mandatory work test and an exam for hunting otters in water).

British Kennel Club recognized the breed in the UK as well.

The idea of a kennel was formed in 2014 when Ziva came to our home (officially Casy), and we registered in November 2016.

Wheatens are heathy and long-living dogs, who compete in obedience, agility, and tracking and are occasionally used in animal-assisted therapy as well.


& News

2015 - Our first dog Ziva had her first competition in 2015. in Zagreb Croatia; 2016 - We registered first Wheaten Kennel in Bosnia&Herzegovina; 2017 - Ziva had her 10 babies in 2017. and that was first registered Wheaten litter in B&H; 2017 – October - Ziva officially became a first therapy dog in B&H.

CACIB Bled 2019
CACIB Bled 2019

Such a wonderful stay at Bled. We were at CACIB Bled 2019. CACIB BLED I – SOVENIA Champion class: Belka – Arina Vanna of Ziva’s Wheaten Home – exe1, CAC, CACIB, BEST FEMALE, BOS Athos – Athos of Ziva’s Wheaten Home – exe1, CAC, r.CACIB and NEW SLOVENIAN CHAMPION with only 2,5 years. Jugde: Oliver Simon Today thanks a lot…

Our first European Dog Show
Our first European Dog Show

I was feeling so happy at our first euro dog show. We were at Wels. I was very proud of my little team – in very strong open class bouth – Excellent and Athos Exe 3.European Dog Show 2019 was great. Athos – exel. r. CACABelka – Excellent 3.But my favorite was my Belka – she was absolutely gorgeous. I’m…

Maribor and Pohorje CACIB 2019
Maribor and Pohorje CACIB 2019

Feeling fantastic at Maribor. Maribor and Pohorje CACIB 2019 and Club Show for Terriers was wonderful. Atos won 3x CAC 1x RCACIB 1x CACIB and a fantastic end of the weekend he won the BOB Arina Vanna won 3x Exellent 2xRCAC 2x RCACIB Thanks to Marian Draganescu (RO), Csaba Denk (HU) for very correct judging and especially Siv Jernhake (SE)…

Vrbas Spring Terierr show in Banja Luka
Vrbas Spring Terierr show in Banja Luka

Proud to be part of Vrbas Spring Terierr show organization (23. & 24.03. 2019), especially for workshop with Juraj Sokolic. Thanks to everyone who was part of workshop & to those who were with me and understood what I’m doing. I believe that the next time will be even better. This was a great magical story about dogs and our…

Athos and Arina Vanna in Graz
Athos and Arina Vanna in Graz

We’ve been to Graz at Messe Congress Graz. I’m so proud of my babies. Athos of Ziva’s Wheaten Home: ex1. CACA, CACIB, BOB Arina Vanna of Ziva’s Wheaten Home:ex1. CACA, CACIB, BOS Fantastic description under honorable jugde: Bojan Matakovic. Thanks to my Una, and fantastic day with old and new friends. Grooming again by my dear Suzana Verstovšek – thanks…

Food. Love. Care.

Training. Therapy.

Wheaties have a beautiful coat and to keep it happy and healthy they need proper care. Besides frequent grooming, caring for their teeth and nails, they need training with consistency and love. But, you should know that if a Wheaten loses trust in you, it's difficult to gain it back. Wheatens also make excellent therapy dogs. They are joyful, energetic and affectionate and never lose their love of play time.

How to Train?

Our kennel is committed to the Wheaten Terrier starting a work exam and being trained for their purpose. These dogs are very intelligent and very workable. Learn More

How to Walk?

This dog loves plenty of space, loves an active man, who often resides in nature and loves to walk and explore You should teach him from the start how to walk on a loose leash.
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Therapy Dog

In the next period, we plan to deal more with the activities doing the therapy program and activities with animals…
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How to Play?

Wheaten Terrier loves to play, always as a big child, he is ready for new challenges. He prefers interaction with a man better than a classic game for dogs.
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How to Care?

Although they are a generally healthy breed, regular check-ups with your local vet are very important.
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How to Groom?

They have especially soft coat that adorns them and makes their owners proud. Wheatens don’t don’t shed hair even when seasons change, so its necessary to comb them regularly.
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Health Care

Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is a breed that is healthy and is not frequently prone to diseases.
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How to Feed?

These beautiful dogs should eat high-quality homemade meals. We prefer fresh meats: horse meat, beef meat, chicken meat, animal broth plus burag, and, of course, vegetables.

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Our first litter A was born on January 14, 2017 - 10 healthy and happy wheaten babies: 3 girls and 7 boys. We are tracking their growth and development all the time - we are very proud of each of them.

For now, there are no available wheaten babies - for information on the next litter please contact us.

For more details on dogs from our "Litter A" click on the dog photo.


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